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India is the second biggest country of the world with respect to population just behind China. In the last few years, it has undergone a lot of development which is continuously rising, and isn't going to stop anytime soon. For the real economic progress and development of a country, trade plays a vital role, and that is where India has projected to cement its economic development.

If some country wants to take over the world, it must be an economic powerhouse in not just one but many departments. For India to do so, it needs strong allies with whom it can develop its relations and also make policies to facilitate easy trade. There is no other country to be a better ally for India than the UK due to its Indian population significance.

There are not one, not two, not three but a long list of companies currently offering UK to India cargo shipment options. These options give versatility but also makes choosing one of them for the customers a very tricky decision. We've come here to make this decision much easier for you, so that you don't have to go through the hassle that we once did.

CheapCouriertoIndia is a facility which you can easily avail to send anything you want to India. We've got all the options you need to send anything of your choice anywhere in India. It doesn't matter whether you're in London, Cornwall, Portsmouth, Exeter, Newcastle, Cardiff, Derby, and Glasgow, Birmingham or any other place in the UK. We make sure that you don't have to do literally anything, anything at all while sending your shipment to India.

Door to Door Pick Up Service all Over UK

You're looking to send something to India and don't want to go through the complex shipping process? No need to worry while CheapCouriertoIndia is here. We provide first-class services to transport your courier to India using our efficient Door to Door shipping service. This service is not just restricted to some parts of the UK. It is available for all UK areas.

Can I deliver to South India?

Yes, as our portal suggests, our service covers the entire country of India. That includes all areas of South India as well. If you want to send a courier to Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore or any other South Indian city, you've certainly got your hands full with our service as you are free to send anywhere you desire.

Courier Shipping to India by Air and Sea

You get a variety of choices when you use our service to send cargo, courier or other parcels to India. You can send either by sea or by air. You can choose any service based on the one you can afford financially. CheapCouriertoIndia gives you great flexibility in exactly choosing what you want, so that our services cater to your demands precisely.

Can I send vitamins to India?

Yes, you can if you have the custom clearance and the official license to export vitamins to India. Sending vitamins and other liquids is a very complex process. A person, for once, must have all the necessary documentation arranged if he's looking to send them to India. If you've got the license, you're good to go.

Send Wedding Items to India

Using our service, if you're intending to send wedding items to India, you can easily do so by using CheapCouriertoIndia. We have a dedicated wedding items sending facility which ensures the protection of precious wedding items. You can completely trust us with your valuables and won't regret trusting CheapCouriertoIndia at all.

Do you charge any handling fee?

Every cargo company will charge you a handling fee no matter where you go but the handling fee varies. Most cargo agencies charge from £20 to £40 as handling charges, but CheapCouriertoIndia only charges £5 as part of our handling fee, which makes us comparatively cheaper than other cargo companies operating in the UK.

Can I send flour and other food stuff?

CheapCouriertoIndia supports sending flour and cereals to India from the UK. You are; however, not permitted to send foods and other commonly edible stuff via cargo. These sort of items are strictly banned from being sent via both CheapCouriertoIndia and any other service.

Can I send baby items using this service?

Anyone using our services is permitted to send baby items to India but there is a limit to the amount of items that can be sent. For example, if you're sending baby milk powder to India, you're only allowed to send 3-4 items to India, not more than that. It is strongly recommended to only send a limited number of baby items using our service. As for baby walkers, they also have to be of a certain size to send them; they should be of maximum 150cm height and width in order to be eligible for being sent to India.

Cost of Courier Delivery to India

Different cargo companies charge a different price for offering their services to clients. CheapCouriertoIndia charges different rates for their sea and cargo service. We charge £5/kg for our airmail amenity and £3.5/kg for ocean freight. For excess baggage, we are currently charging £2.5/kg for this service. We guarantee that these are the cheapest rates you're going to get anywhere in the entire UK for delivery to India.

Customs Duty

The government of India has recently set a customs duty tax on every vehicle, whether electronic or non-electronic. A tax of £1/kg is charged on everything that is being sent to India. These taxes are not set by CheapCouriertoIndia. These charges are set by the government of India, and every cargo that is sent is liable to pay for it.

1kg Cost

If you're intending to send anything below 10kg, you'll be charged the full 10kg price. We'll charge £3/kg + duty charges for a 20kg weight limit. These prices are the cheapest you'll get in the entire UK for sending couriers to India.

50 kg cost

If you're planning to send something to India, you must weigh it before sending it for packaging. For 50kg, we will charge rates of minimum £3/kg + custom duty which depends on the overall value of the product that is being consigned.

Sending Documents or Letters
So, you've just received a call from India for an urgent document, and you can't travel yourself at that time and want the document delivered quickly as well. Look no farther than CheapCouriertoIndia. We deliver documents at an electric pace at super-cheap rates. We'll deliver your document or letter in 4-5 days in India for £40. If you want it to be delivered in 8-9 days, we charge £20 for it.

Can I track my Parcel?
Yes, you can easily track your parcel. We have a dedicated cargo tracking facility with the help of which you can easily track the location of your courier. All you need to do is tell us your invoice number and we'll inform you about the current location of the parcel that you sent to India.

Can I send Dry Fruits?
Yes, you can send all kinds of dry fruits to India from the UK. We provide our clients a dedicated dry fruit sending service to India. Among all the food items, only chocolates and dry fruits are permissible to be posted to India.

Where are your offices located in the UK?
Our offices are located in two cities of the UK; London and Leicester. We have four offices inside London in Southall and Harrow. We also have offices in Wembley and Hayes, so you can come anywhere you feel close-by.

We also have a Leicester office where you can come to book your cargo easily if you live in Leicester. If you live close to Leicester like in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Burton, Coventry or Nottingham, you can still either use our pick-up service or choose to take the cargo to our office yourself.

Container Shipping Available
If you want to book a large shipment which can only be sent via a container, you can choose that using CheapCouriertoIndia as well. Both FCL and LCL container shipments are available, and any of the two can be chosen depending on the size of your shipment to India.

Can you send items to Malaysia?
You might be surprised by our brand name that we only ship to India. That is completely wrong. If you're interested in sending something to Malaysia using our service, you can do that as well. CheapCouriertoIndia fully supports sending cargo to Malaysia. Our rates start from £9/kg for a 20kg weight limit.

Prohibited Items
All types of batteries, liquids, rum, beer, champagne, wine, whiskey, perfumes, medicines and all kinds of foods are strictly banned from being sent. These kinds of items should not be sent at all and we won't ship them anywhere.

Do you ship to Sri Lanka?
If you were surprised that we send cargo to India, you'll be even more surprised to know that we send to Sri Lanka and other countries as well. For Sri Lanka; however, we have different rates and charge £6/kg for our direct airmail service to Sri Lanka. Feel free to contact us for any details. We are sure that we're the ideal shipping partner for you.

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