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India, the second most populous country in the world after China, has experienced significant development in recent years, with a trajectory of continued growth. Trade plays a crucial role in driving real economic progress and development for any country, and India aims to solidify its economic advancement. To achieve global dominance, a country must become an economic powerhouse in multiple sectors. The United Kingdom (UK) emerges as an ideal ally for India due to its significant Indian population.

Currently, there are numerous companies offering cargo shipment options from the UK to India. While these options provide versatility, selecting the right service for customers can be a challenging decision. We are here to simplify this process for you, eliminating the hassle we once encountered.

With a Cheap Courier to India, you can easily send anything to India. We offer a wide range of options to send your shipment to any destination within India, regardless of your location in the UK, including London, Cornwall, Portsmouth, Exeter, Newcastle, Cardiff, Derby, Glasgow, Birmingham, or any other place. We ensure a seamless shipping experience, taking care of all the details on your behalf.

Door-to-Door Pick-Up Service Across the UK

If you wish to send something to India without going through the complex shipping process, Cheap Courier to India is here to help. We provide first-class door-to-door shipping services to transport your courier to India efficiently. Our service covers all areas of the UK, ensuring accessibility for all customers.

Can I Deliver to South India?

Absolutely! Our service covers the entire country of India, including all areas of South India. Whether you want to send a courier to Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, or any other city in South India, Cheap Courier to India has you covered.

Courier Shipping to India by Air and Sea

We offer a variety of choices for shipping your cargo, courier, or parcels to India. You can opt for air or sea shipping, depending on your financial affordability and preferences. Cheap Courier to India provides great flexibility, allowing you to choose the service that precisely meets your demands.

Can I Send Vitamins to India?

Yes, you can send vitamins to India if you have the necessary customs clearance and official license for exporting them. Sending vitamins and other liquids requires meticulous attention to documentation. If you possess the required license, you can confidently utilize our service to send vitamins to India.

Send Wedding Items to India

If you intend to send wedding items to India, Cheap Courier to India offers a dedicated facility to ensure the protection and safe delivery of these precious items. You can trust us with your valuables, and we guarantee your satisfaction in choosing Cheap Courier to India for sending wedding items.

Do You Charge Any Handling Fee?

While most cargo companies charge handling fees ranging from £20 to £40, Cheap Courier to India stands out by charging a minimal handling fee of only £5. We strive to provide cost-effective services, making us more affordable compared to other cargo companies operating in the UK.

Can I Send Flour and Other Food Items?

Cheap Courier to India supports sending flour and cereals to India from the UK. However, it is strictly prohibited to send perishable foods and other commonly edible items via cargo. Please note that such items are banned from being sent through Cheap Courier to India or any other service.

Can I Send Baby Items Using This Service?

Yes, you are permitted to send baby items to India using our services. However, there are restrictions on the number of items that can be sent. For example, when sending baby milk powder, you are allowed to send only 3-4 items to India. We strongly recommend sending a limited number of baby items through our service. Additionally, baby walkers must adhere to specific size limitations, with a maximum height and width of 150cm to be eligible for shipment to India.

Cost of Courier Delivery to India

Different cargo companies charge varying prices for their services. At Cheap Courier to India, we offer competitive rates for our air and sea services. For airmail, we charge £5/kg, and for ocean freight, the rate is £3.5/kg. For excess baggage, our current charge is £2.5/kg. We guarantee that these rates are the cheapest you will find in the entire UK for delivering to India.

Customs Duty

The Indian government recently implemented customs duty taxes on all electronic and non-electronic items sent to India. A tax of £1/kg applies to all shipments. These charges are determined by the government of India and are not set by Cheap Courier to India. It is the responsibility of the sender to cover these customs duty charges for any cargo sent to India.

1kg Cost

If you plan to send anything below 10kg, you will be charged the full 10kg price. We charge £3/kg, along with duty charges, for shipments up to 20kg. These rates are the most affordable you will find in the entire UK for sending couriers to India.

50 kg Cost

Before sending your shipment for packaging, please ensure that you weigh it accurately. For a 50kg shipment, we will charge a minimum rate of £3/kg, along with custom duty charges based on the overall value of the consigned product.

Sending Documents or Letters

If you have received an urgent call from India requesting a document but cannot travel there yourself, Cheap Courier to India can swiftly deliver your document or letter at cost-effective rates. We offer fast delivery options, with a 4-5-day delivery time for £40 and an 8-9-day delivery option for £20.

Can I Track My Parcel?

Yes, you can easily track your parcel using our dedicated cargo tracking facility. Simply provide us with your invoice number, and we will provide you with real-time updates on the location of your parcel sent to India.

Can I Send Dry Fruits?

Certainly! You can send all kinds of dry fruits from the UK to India using Cheap Couriers to India. We offer a dedicated service for sending dry fruits to India. Please note that among all food items, only chocolates and dry fruits are permissible for shipment to India.

Where Are Your Offices Located in the UK?

Cheap Courier to India has offices in two cities in the UK: London and Leicester. In London, we have four offices located in Southall, Harrow, Wembley, and Hayes. If you reside in or near London, you can visit any of these offices. Additionally, we have an office in Leicester, catering to customers in Leicester, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Burton, Coventry, Nottingham, and surrounding areas.

Container Shipping Available

If you need to book a large shipment that can only be sent via a container, Cheap Courier to India offers container shipping services. Both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) options are available, depending on the size of your shipment to India.

Can You Send Items to Malaysia?

Despite our brand name, which may imply exclusive shipping to India, Cheap Courier to India supports sending cargo to Malaysia as well. We offer competitive rates starting from £9/kg for a 20kg weight limit.

Prohibited Items

Please be aware that various items are strictly prohibited from being sent through our service. These items include all types of batteries, liquids, rum, beer, champagne, wine, whiskey, perfumes, medicines, and all kinds of foods. We prioritize adhering to these restrictions, and we will not ship these items anywhere.

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